Methodology & Benefits

Since MobilTrain’s training methodology is immensely flexible, the company can create customized training solutions for clients across diverse industries and verticals. Content is delivered as customized parcels/packets through Short Message Services (SMS) or rich media Multimedia Message Services (MMS/IVR). The content provided is easily accessible and affordable addressing the need of skills in both corporate and semi-urban/rural learning ecosystems.

Training is delivered one fact at a time via SMS/Voice Messages

Customised training messages, crafted by experts, are sent as messages. Be it motivational messages for teachers or healthcare message for a patient or soft skill tip for an employee…it’s delivered one message at a time. This gives them time to assimilate and practice what is being told to them. It also gives them time to gauge the results of this practice.

Feedback and motivation loops are built in

MobilTrain encourages all trainees to enter their observations. For instance, if a teacher has been advised to break her routine and handle her class differently, she is asked to notice how children react. Or if a patient has been asked to alter his/her diet, they are asked to observe any changes they feel. These observations are recorded and then shared with MobilTrain. The feedback loops help MobilTrain to understand if they can persist with the current training track or alter it based on the trainee’s observations. It also helps those undergoing training to understand the progress they are making - every step of the way.

Requires no setup or preparatory costs

Be it SMS message or skype training - there is no major set up or preparatory class. For SMS, a very basic phone is all that is needed. For skype training, a computer with internet access will suffice to train an entire group of people. Both forms of training have been developed keeping in mind technology that is available across all levels of society, across the globe.

Training is quickly scalable from 100 to 100,000!

When training is by SMS or voice messages, there is no limit to how much we can scale! Today we may send messages to a 100 people and tomorrow if our client wishes to add 100,000 more people, it’s possible - just like that! Training is not restrained by distance because we have completely reversed the method of delivery. Our messages go to people - rather than people coming to us for training!

Measurable results

Another fabulous aspect of delivering training one message at a time is that every message can be implemented, observed and its results can be assessed. It is possible for the person undergoing the training to observe the changes unfold. They can feel the transformation happening. Be it a teacher - who observes a change in classroom behaviour. Or an employee who feels the change in his/her ability to communicate with his/her clients. Every little change and the impact it causes is measurable.

Training that’s accessible and affordable

MobilTrain’s training methodology is not restricted by location, age, community, distance or literacy levels. It does not require people to travel anywhere or assemble at any point to undergo training. All it requires is for people to have a very basic mobile instrument. This, consequently, makes training extremely affordable and scalable.

Training that is flexible and non-judgmental

At any point, based on feedback, it is possible to customise and make changes to the training program. Moreover, since the training takes place remotely, the possibility of bias or error in judgement does not arise at all. Every feedback is received and acted upon with the seriousness it deserves.

Training that can bridge information and skill gaps prevalent in our society

How can you train an illiterate farmer to use right amount of fertilizer? How can you teach new skills to a fisherwomen? How can you remind elderly patients to take their medicines and do their exercises? With MobilTrain it’s possible to reach the entire cross section of society. Language, age, literacy levels…none of it matters. MobilTrain can send voice or text message in English as well as vernacular languages making it easy to reach out to all sections of society. Bridging the gaps and skilling people - one message at a time.